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The art of Dressing
From a brushstroke to an OSKA Print

What was the inspiration for the OSKA pattern of this season?

When OSKA designer Stefanie Schmitz rummaged through her archive of unique textiles, she discovered a coat with a very special woven pattern that reminded her of strokes painted with a rough brush.

Inspired by this, our OSKA textile designer decided to take a wide brush into the munich design studio and created an abstract and expressionist graphic on canvas, which she then digitised and layered on a computer until a picturesque and large flower emerged.

Distorted in this way, the design - developed in the mix of digital and analogue techniques - looks like a modern/summer take on a camouflage pattern.

With these specifications, our Austrian printer created the template for the fabric print. Whether on cotton or linen, the design is a highlight in the new OSKA looks.

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